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PWA Canadian Tag Team Title Match – PWA Apocalypse 2017

Shaun Moore and Alexander Prime defend the gold against Team Hall of Fame & The Millennial Rebels in a triple threat match April 8th in Calgary!      

tag match

The Chaotic PWA Revelation Main Event, Uncut!

The Western Lions faced PWA Champion Brett Morgan and one half of the PWA Canadian Tag Team Champions Shaun Moore at PWA Revelation in Calgary…. And all hell broke loose!…


Watch Brett Morgan vs. MRB from Fruition!

Check out the main event from PWA Fruition and see the controversial ending everyone is talking about!  And how will this effect the PWA Title match at the 16th Anniversary…


Watch the 2017 New Years Rumble from Edmonton!

PWA started off 2017 in Edmonton in a big way with the New Years Resolution #1 contenders Rumble!  It was full of action but not without controversy, have a look…


Watch Blais vs. Morgan from Remembrance!

The main event from PWA Remembrance 2016 featured Brett Morgan facing Michael Richard Blais.  The last stop before Christmas Slam where both men have huge matches, Morgan will get a…

main event

Watch the chaotic Legacy Main Event!

The main event of PWA Legacy in Calgary featured the reluctant tag team of the PWA Champion Marky and his rival Brett Morgan teaming up to face the Western Lions. …


Watch Marky vs. Morgan from Retribution!

Watch the main event of PWA Retribution in Edmonton, and witness the birth of the huge PWA Legacy tag team match of Marky and Brett Morgan taking on the Western Lions. September…


Millenial Rebels Attack Richie Rage!

BREAKING NEWS….Richie Rage was viciously attacked after SUMMER HEAT by the Millennial Rebels and has demanded a final match against his former tag team partner Fury. Both men have submitted…


NOC XIV DVD Now Available!

The next PWA DVD release will be Night of Champions XIV, from Calgary Alberta!.  Witness the entire event in full and re-live the epic clash between The PWA Champion Marky…


Witness the Chaos at the conclusion of NOC!

The PWA Original Marky had endured a brutal match with Brett Morgan in which he came out on top…. But the mood changed quickly with the arrival of his “friends…”…