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Witness the Chaos at the conclusion of NOC!

The PWA Original Marky had endured a brutal match with Brett Morgan in which he came out on top…. But the mood changed quickly with the arrival of his “friends…”…


Watch the chaotic PWA Nemesis main event!

The PWA Nemesis main event featured an 8 man tag team war!  Setting the stage for a huge Night of Champion on June 25th in Calgary, PWA Nemesis saw the…


PWA DVD Presents It’s Latest Release…

The Best of 2016 Volume 1! 2016 thus far has presented some amazing matches and moments and this dvd is an amazing example of what PWA has had to offer…


Witness the Mayhem at the conclusion of PWA Mayhem!

At the end of Markys title defense against Chase Patrick in Calgary, All hell broke loose between The PWA Original and Brett Morgan. It took the entire locker room to…


Apocalypse Video Hi-Lites!

PWA Apocalypse in Calgary is in the books and it was a night filled with action and surprises, Take a look at what went down!


Legends Team Warfare at #PWA15

BREAKING NEWS…..We’ve been sitting on this one for a few weeks but we’re ready to announce another match for the 15TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW on March 26 at the NAIT Main…


BREAKING NEWS: Update on the Condition of Marky has received an update on the condition of the PWA Original Marky, and it’s not good: BREAKING NEWS…..The PWA Original was injured at GENESIS and has yet to be…

mayhem title

Watch Sheik Akbar Shabaz win the PWA Mayhem Title.

Watch the closing moments of the Mayhem tournament final from PWA Genesis, featuring Sheik Akbar Shabaz facing Frenetico.


Watch Marky Injured at the Hands of Mephisto at Genesis

At PWA Genesis in Calgary, Marky was seriously injured at the hands of Mephisto after he came to the aid of Fabian Ribeiro.  There is no update on the condition…


Watch Team Hall of Fames ‘hearing’ at Genesis

At Genesis, Team Hall of Fame were granted an opportunity to discuss their reinstatement.  Things didn’t go exactly as Durrango and Steele planned so they resorted to some old tactics….