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PWA DVD Announces Best of 2014 Vol. 3!

Available beginning at our November live events will be The Best of 2014 Vol. 3 from PWA DVD.  This installment features some of the hottest action from the second half…


Watch Azrael attack Marky at Fright Night!

Azrael sent shockwaves throughout the PWA when he appeared at Fright Night, celebrating in the ring with the PWA Original after his win in the fans bring the weapons match. …


Watch Dusty Adonis vs. Dylan Knight from Fall Fever!

At Fall Fever, Dusty Adonis and Dylan Knight clashed for the second time since Knight viciously turned his back on Adonis and along with Team Hall of Fame, left him…


Sheik Akbar Shabaz slams former partner Fabian Ribeiro after Fall Fever!

Sheik Akbar Shabaz and Fabian Ribeiro teamed up twice in the month of September, and both times they came out on the losing end to Rage and Fury.  Shabaz has…


Azrael Announces His Retirement at Fall Fever

Azrael appeared before a PWA audience for the first time since losing the PWA Championship in June at Night of Champions.  He announced what his future holds in regards to…


Watch the Chaotic Closing Moments of MRB vs. Colton Kelly

At PWA Legacy last Saturday night in Calgary, Michael Richard Blais and Colton Kelly renewed their rivalry but things took an intense turn as Blais was attacked by 4 men…


Details on when you can see THE MATCH.

The PWA is proud to announce viewing details for THE MATCH, a short documentary film featuring Sheik Akbar Shabaz and Hollywood Dusty Adonis. The film will be screened on Sunday…


Come see the PWA at the 2014 Edmonton Expo

For the second year in a row, the PWA will be at the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo!  The Expo runs from September 26-28 2014 and the PWA will have…


Summer Heat – Colton Kelly vs. Michael Richard Blais

Colton Kelly wanted the best in the PWA, so he challenged Michael Richard Blais and got what he bargained for in Edmonton.  After the match, Blais offered his hand a…


Dusty Adonis has some words for Dylan Knight!

After being betrayed and beaten down by his former partner Dylan Knight at Summer Heat, Dusty Adonis has finally spoken out, and he’s ready to seek his revenge!