A note from Kurt Sorochan regarding the Edmonton Moratorium

PWA would like to thank all our fans for the incredible support in 2017 and we wish all of you and your families all the best in 2018!!!

For PWA, 2018 will be our most challenging year to date as we focus on growing our fan base in the great city of Calgary but to do so we need your help. Please share our posts and events pages for your city in return we’ll continue to commit our time and effort in Calgary which will bring new opportunities and events including special guests,

In Edmonton, we face a greater challenge after the city council here passed a moratorium banning all combative sporting events such as boxing, mma and professional wrestling. There has been a lot of confusion as to why this affects PWA events in Edmonton. PWA has been licensed to promote events in Edmonton for 17 years originally as professional wrestling and more recently as sports entertainment.

We have been a model promotion working within the ECSC bylaw that governs us and over the years had less restrictions put upon producing events. THE ECSC (Edmonton Combative Sports Commission) does not govern us as they only create and maintain policy and procedures We report to the executive director who then reports to city council. Neither the ECSC nor the executive director made the decision to impose a moratorium this was done without their consultation by city council and our mayor.

PWA ownership attended the year end meeting of the ECSC and was given the opportunity to voice our opinion on the moratorium, how it affects PWA and our fans and what we feel should be done to find resolution that will allow PWA to continue to produce events in the City of Edmonton.

On January 17 PWA ownership will be given the opportunity to be heard again before the Community Services Committee. At that time we will join other promoters licensed under the ECSC to ask that the moratorium be lifted or that sports entertainment be exempt from it. We strongly believe either option will happen if not we will look at a third option to propose. Members of city council and possibly the mayor will be at this meeting to hear speakers and to gather information. The following week city council will meet for the first time in 2018 and hopefully a motion will be made to discuss and hopefully vote on a resolution.

A lot of fans have asked what they can do to aid us in our quest to continue producing events in Edmonton. To let your voices be heard you can contact any member of city council or the office of the mayor. If you choose to do so please be polite, passionate and respectful and show them what a true fan of PWA is all about. Below is a link for contacts for the mayor and city council as well as the 311 information / complaint line. You may also use other forms of social media such as Twitter, Instagram and of course Facebook.


As of now PWA has not cancelled any events in Edmonton and all dates are still on hold with our venues who support our efforts. We are currently looking at venues in surrounding communities for our January 27 event New Year’s Resolution as a back up and hope to an announcement within the next 7-10 days.

Once again THANK-YOU to everyone for your support you are the reason we are here and will continue to be as long as you want us to be. #PWA4LIFE