Watch Full Matches from Remembrance ’15

Later tonight, the PWA begins 2016 with Genesis in Calgary.  To prepare for tonights big event, enjoy a selection of full matches from the last Calgary event of 2015, Remembrance.


PWA Presents NEW YEARS RESOLUTION January 23rd in Edmonton!

The PWA returns to Edmonton for our first live event there in 2016, New Years Resolution will rock the Northgate Lions Center! The main event that night will feature the…


PWA Presents GENESIS January 9th in Calgary!

The PWA starts off 2016 and year 15 with a bang as we present our first live event of the year, Genesis, in Calgary at the Century Casino. We will…


PWA Presents REMEMBRANCE Nov. 21 in Calgary!

November 21st the PWA returns to Calgary for our final event in the city for 2015, PWA Remembrance! The main event features an issue that gained steam last month at…


Gisele Attacks Rachael Ellering at PWA Destiny

Gisele Shaw attacks a PWA camerawoman at Destiny, who ends up being Rachael Ellering, daughter of legendary manager ‘Precious’ Paul Ellering! Ellering, who has been training at the Storm Wrestling Academy will…


PWA Presents DESTINY October 24th in Calgary!

October 24th the PWA returns to Calgary AB for PWA Destiny at the Century Casino. The main event will feature the number one contender, the PWA Original Marky getting his…


PWA Present FRIGHT NIGHT October 17th in Edmonton

UPDATE: We are able to announce more matches for PWA Fright Night this Saturday! The main event will see a tag team match with a twist! PWA Champion Mephisto and…


Watch Brett Morgan vs. Marky from PWA Legacy

At PWA Legacy in Calgary, Brett Morgan and The PWA Original Marky went one on one with the winner getting the opportunity to face MVP at PWA Destiny October 24th. …


Watch MRB vs. Brett Morgan from Retribution ’15

At Retribution in Edmonton, Brett Morgan and MRB went head to head in a very entertaining bout… See what went down, and why Morgan is now more dangerous then ever…