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A Message from Kurt Sorochan

Well not the way I had planned to celebrate the PWA 19TH ANNIVERSARY but I’m proud to celebrate what we’ve accomplished in over 19 years.

It all started with Hercules Ayala saying to me, “Boss we can do this shit on our own, we run the shows.” So Herc, Ivan Thomsen and I sat down and planned out how to do so. I had lots of down time as I was battling/recovering from cancer after being diagnosed almost 20 years ago. After all the planning and logistics were done we had our infamous trial run tour that had it’s ups and downs. Finally we were ready to launch officially with our first event in Edmonton at the Shaw Conference Centre and PWA brought wrestling back to Edmonton. With Stampede Wrestling legends like Hercules Ayala, Cuban Assassin and Champagne Gerry Morrow providing the leadership with Hart Dungeon graduates Tex Gaines, King Lau, Red Thunder (Morris Nepoose), Chris Steele (Ty Dresser), Dave David Swift, Jaret Evans, Sodamn Insane (Danny Hannouch) and of course Jason Anderson, Eric Freeze and others the card was fantastic and the event was a huge success.

The follow up show again featured a great line-up but during the semi-main event the ring broke so the main event was changed to a Falls Count Anywhere match after being approved by Commissioners like Orest Zmyndak and Mark Marc Paquin I believe. After that PWA took an almost 10 month hiatus while other promotions entered the market. Throughout our 19 year history we’ve seen competition come and stay and others come and go, some very good and some very bad. We were never fazed our intention was to set the bar and continue to produce the very best events possible for the amazing fans here in Edmonton and eventually Calgary and other communities. We’ve always tried to focus on continuing to offer professional wrestling events motivated by TRADITION, PASSION and RESPECT.

I believe we helped change the landscape of Indy Wrestling in Alberta that was set by Stampede Wrestling. We set a stage that allowed many to take that next step to bigger companies such as WWE, IMPACT, etc and promotions around the world. We gave the very best opportunity locally for the next generation to learn and hone their craft.We became a promotion that was respected by fans and rivals and international talent. Fans that may never have met did so at PWA many becoming good or best friends, wrestlers met each other and developed those same friendships and fans and wrestlers have met their spouses attending PWA events.

None of this wouldn’t have been possible without all amazing loyal fans that have supported us throughout the years. None of this would’ve been possible without all the incredible talent that has performed on our events throughout the years. None of this would’ve been possible without all the fantastic support staff (refs, managers, production people, announcers, front door and merch staff). I realize I get credited with a lot of PWA’s success and while I’ve worked incredibly hard and am a part of the equation for our success none of it happens without all of you. A smart manager surrounds themselves with the best people possible to achieve success. I like to think I chose wisely most of the the time and been lucky other times. What we’ve created together for the fans and with them created a local culture of a unique brand of entertainment know as the Prairie Wrestling Alliance aka PWA.

I’m proud to be associated with you all and when we can return we’ll do it in a big way as only PWA can. Thanks again for all your support.

Kurt – #PWA4LIFE